Going "zero waste" as a company was always an easy decision for us from an ethical and environmental standpoint, but the path hasn't always been as clear as it is now.  As we've grown exponentially year over year and are heading into 2018 we decided it was time to take the leap and go from a "minimal waste" kitchen, and to adopt a truly "zero waste" program.  All one needs to do is look at the abundance of food and agriculture all around us here in the Bay Area, and the amount of people who are hungry, and realize that something isn't adding up.  And in our opinion, the people who stand to make the biggest dent in food waste and hunger in our communities are business owners like us who deal with high volumes of food production on a daily basis.

So we made all of the necessary investments into our kitchen and equipment, adjusted our business model, added another Chef to our team who will be dedicated entirely to implementing our "zero waste" program, developed training for our staff, and made the changes.  Not only do we now offer a completely Chef driven Zero Waste Menu for all of our events as an option, but all of what would otherwise be disposed as compost - down to our vegetable scraps, are turned into soil that's donated to local community gardens.

Be sure to ask about our Zero Waste Menu options.

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